Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Subject This Semester II

Hello there! How are you today? Are you in a good mood? Ahlan Wasahlan to my blog! Actually, it is an Arabic Language and I really like it! In English, it means welcome. Okay, in this entry I would like to tell about my perceptions towards my subject for this semester. Therefore, this title for this entry will be My Subject This Semester II and it is continued from the older entry which is My Subject This Semester. Actually, I felt very happy since I think the title is very interesting to me. I will tell more in details towards my perceptions for this semester’s subject.

Firstly, it would be Fundamentals of Finance or Fin 262. The lecturer would be En. Syamsyul and we had finished to cover the entire chapter before the Eid comes. Therefore, I did not have to attend the classes after Hari Raya break since En. Syamsyul was not here and he is busy to make a preparation to continue his study. My first impressions for this subject is it is too hard and difficult for me since it brings 4 credits hour that can give a huge effect to my CGPA if I cannot catch up for it. However, it seems like an idiom ‘don’t judge the books by its cover’. It is actually a subject that interesting and it is easy for me to catch up what did the lecture’s say. Now, I can say to everyone that Finance 262 is a subject that you should not be worried too much as long as you make a revision. To En. Syamsyul, I hope that he will success to further his study.

Secondly, it is Macroeconomics or ECO 211. It is taught by Prof. Madya Abdullah. He is a dedicated lecturer with his own sense of humor. Congrats to him since he will get a better position which is the Vice President of Students Affairs for UiTM Segamat starting from 1st November 2009. We hope that he is able to handle the position with ‘flying colours’. My perceptions for this subject will be same with Finance since I got poor results for my Microeconomics. However, praise to God since I get to understand everything that he did taught to me. It seems to be easier for me to understand this subject since he is able to explain in simple words about the lessons. He has his own ways to teach students and it does not only base on books. He tried the best to make sure that the students will understand the chapter in details.

Thirdly, English for Academic Purposes or BEL 311. The lecturers that teach me this subject is Sir Izuan. At first, I could not understand why did he ask all of us to make a blog. Now, I can understand about that and it really helps me actually. Through the blog, I learn how to make an essay or entry and we usually will wait for Sir Izuan to give a comment on our blog. Thanks to him, I became closer with my friends since he asks all of us to make an entry about My Classmate. At a first glance, Sir Izuan seems to be hard to be approached. However, I know that he teach the best and give a lot of tips to make sure that his students will score for the final. He gives a lot assignment and it helps me to practice for the finals since all of the assignment is from the past years papers. Moreover, we will be sitting for the final BEL 311 on 30 October and it is just around the corner.

Fourthly, I also take Asas-Asas Ekonomi Islam or CTU 241. In the previous entry, I wrote that my lecturer is Ustaz Kamarulzaman. However, we have some changes with our lecturer and our new lecturer is Ustaz Nawawi. He is a funny person that has his own sense of humor that can make other people comfortable with him. He taught us a lot about economy in Islamic perspectives and how to run a business since Malay people needs to compete with other people wisely to make sure that they can success. I thought that CTU 241 does not require me to read the text book since we can just answer the questions based on our understanding and knowledge. However, my perceptions is wrong since I need to read and understand the text books since there are some facts that I need to understand and read carefully.

Fifthly, I took Arabic Language 1 for this semester that was taught was Ustaz Syazali Effendi. He is a busy person since he is the head of Quality department of UiTM Johor . However, he did give his full commitment and he will never cancel a class although he came late to the class. I think that this subject is an easy subject because there are a lot of my seniors said that Arabic language is one of the subjects that people usually get to score. However, I believe that we cannot score a subject without any efforts. Arabic language is not simple as I think before this. Now, I can understand why did people said that Arabic is the second hardest language in the world. It contains a lot of vocabulary and rules that we need to follow to ensure that we can speak Arabic fluently. During I write this entry, I had just finished my speaking test for Arabic Language and the nervous is still there. :)

Next, Introduction to Statistic or QMT 216 that was taught by En. Mohd Zaki. He is a new lecturer at UiTM Johor and he replaces Miss Arfah as our lecturer before. Since the first class, I think that this subject will be a tough subject and it is really like that. In this subject, I need to be concentrated and focuses during the class since I could not understand if I did not pay attentions during the class. En.Mohd Zaki is a dedicated person as he will tell the simplest way and formula to make us understand better. He also always asks all of us to solve a question on the board to make sure that all of us participate in the class. Furthermore, he always told all of us to see him and discuss any questions that we did not know the answer.

After that, I chose to take Badan Pertolongan Cemas III for the Co-Curriculum subject. I took this subject since I was Part 1. During the middle of Part 3, I almost give up since I had taken this subject since 1 year ago. I really happy when I had finished this subject especially when they make a ceremony to all of Part 3 students who manage to end up their Co-Curriculum until the end of the semester. However, I felt sad when I went to a dinner that was arranged by the exco of Badan Pertolongan Cemas because I cannot spent my time with all of them regularly since we usually met 1 times in a week. For my lecturer which is En. Halim, I hope that he will never forget all of us. This subject is a subject that is easy for all of us to score.

Finally, I want to seek for forgiveness to all of my lecturers if I had ever made any mistake to all of you. I hope that all of my lecturers will be success in their life and continue to teach the young generation of our nations. Thank you for all of your concern and knowledge that you had been taught to me!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

What I Love Most About Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Hi! Happy Hari Raya to all of the bloggers! You must been busy lately since you need to go for an open house during the Hari Raya Aidilfitri right? In this entry, I will tell something that is related to Hari Raya and the title of my post for this entry is “What I like most about Hari Raya Aidilfitri”. In my opinion. I think that everyone will feel enjoyed and happy when Hari Raya Aidilfitri comes since it is a meaningful day that we should celebrate especially as a Muslim. Hari Raya Aidilfitri is celebrated after the fasting month which is called Ramadhan. What I love most about Hari Raya Aidilfitri is I can see and hang out with all of my family, friends and relatives.

Firstly, for my family I can seek for forgiveness from my both parents since we did not realize if we ever hurt their feelings. It would be a moment that I will never forget every time Hari Raya Aidilfitri comes. I also can stay at home and get to stay away from all of my works and other things. After that, I can see all of my family especially my sisters to get along together since they will be back for Hari Raya. I can do a lot of activities with all of them and I can eat the food that my mother has prepared specially for Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Besides that, we can clean up the house together and it is interesting when we did all of that together.

Secondly, we can seek for forgiveness for the mistake that we has done and we can have a talk especially with the person that we did not see for a long time. It would be an enjoyed moment that we should do every time Hari Raya Aidilfitri comes. I also like Hari Raya Aidilfitri because it gives a chance to all of the people to be more cheerful and it helps to maintain good relationship between them. After that, we can go to our relative’s house and we can get to know them more closed since there are a lot of people that did not even know their own relatives. This would be a bad habit since they did not take advantages on Hari Raya Aidilfitri to get to know their relatives.

Lastly, we can hang out with our friends. We can see all of our friends and recall the sweet memories that we have before this. Eventhough there are certain friends that we cannot see, we can still send a text message wishing for Hari Raya and it can help to make sure that we are still keep in touch with each other. As we all know, we has been separated from all of our friends since we left the schools and all of them has their own job and career whether there are working or still studying. Therefore, we should take this opportunity to see all of them since we can share knowledge and new things.

Therefore, I hope that Hari Raya Aidilfitri will brings a lot of happiness to all of you and forget the past things such as bad memories. At this Hari Raya, deeply from my heart I would like to ask for your forgiveness if I ever hurt all of your feelings without I realize. I will pray for all of your happiness and may you get a lot of fortune! Bye :)

Childhood Memories of Ramadhan

Hi there! As a Muslim, we have our own fasting month that was called Ramadhan. To all of the Muslim, how about your Ramadhan this year? Did you fast today? J My entry for this week is related to Ramadhan since the title is about my childhood memories of Ramadhan. I believe that everyone has their own memories about Ramadhan during their childhood. It can be a sweet memories or bad memories and it depends on the person themselves. For me, Ramadhan would be a sweet memory to me when I was 6 years old since that was my first time I fast when Ramadhan comes.

I was studied at kindergarten at that moment and I still remember that my teacher will separate between the students who did fast and who do not fast. The teachers are really nice since they will make sure all of the students who fast did not have to do activities that can make us feels tired and sweat. Usually she will give a story about our Prophet which is Nabi Muhammad S.A.W and the other stories that give a lot of knowledge to all of us when Ramadhan comes. However, it was really hard for me and my friends who did fast to keep our fast when the time for lunch has come. It is because all of the students who did not fast will eat and they will eat in front of us although the teacher has give a warning to all of them for not doing like that.

My first day fasting was going tough since I need to avoid from seeing food and water because I easily get hungry when I see it. My mother will make sure that I get the enough rest and I did not get tired. I manage to keep my fast and I has complete my first day fast at the month of Ramadhan. In my family, if we did not fast at Ramadhan we will be separated from the other family members and we cannot eat with them. Therefore, I tried to fast to make sure that I can eat together with all of them. At night, it would be much interesting since I follow my family to go to the mosque to do a prayer that is called Tarawikh.

However, my second day of fasting was not going well since I made a mistake. It was rainy at that moment and my mother pick me up from the kindergarten by using motorcycle. I thought at that time the God feels sympathy to me because I am really tired and gives me the water to drinks. Therefore, I open up my mouth and I purposely drink although it was a rain water. I was a small girl and I do not know that it was wrong. When I reach at home, my mother told me and explain that it was wrong for us when we purposely drinks during Ramadhan.. For God sake, I would not do it again if I can recall the incident again.

Lastly, during Hari Raya it would be a happy moment with all of the relatives and family. I was really enjoyed since I get a lot of money from all of them that was called “duit raya”. I felt really enjoyed although I did not manage fasting through all of the Ramadhan but I manage to try to fast and it was my first experience of fasting on Ramadhan. It was really an interesting experience that I cannot forget till today. Enough for this time entry, we will meet again in the next entry which is more exciting since it is about the Eid!

My Favourite

Hello! In this entry, I will talk about my favourite things that I really like. I believe that everyone has their own favourite and it can be things, person, animals or others. A different person will have their own favourite and it is different from others. Perhaps there are some of you that have the same favourite, but both of it have their own specialty and unique.

My favourite thing that I like is a souvenir and it look like shoes but it is small. I like it since it is really cute and it also nice to be seen by other people. It has been my hobby to collect it when I went for a holiday with my family. I can recalled all of my sweet memories when going holidays with my family when I saw the souvenir and that is one of the reason I decided to collect the small shoes. It has been almost 4 years since I start to collect it. Now, I have 14 of it at my house and I put it in a cupboard that can be seen by anybody when they come to my house.

I started to collect the souvenir when I went to a shop that sold a lot of souvenir. I was attracted to the souvenir that was sold and one of them is small shoes. There are a lot of small shoes at the shop and it has many variations in term of their colour, material and shape. Its material can be either from glass, fabric, rattan, plastic and many others. Moreover, the price is affordable for everyone. Until now, I have 7 of the small shoes which made from glass, 3 of it made from rattan, 2 of it made from plastic and the other 2 is made from fabric.

However, I did not bought all of the small shoes by myself. There are some of them that was given to me comes from my mother, sister and friends. Since all of my close person knows that I really likes it, they will buy it as a souvenir to me when they go for a holiday. They did not have to think what they should give to me as a souvenir since they know my hobby. Therefore, I really appreciated when they give the souvenir since they will support me to collect the small shoes. Moreover, it can help me to remember all of them when I see the souvenir since I put a name of the person who give me the souvenir at the bottom of the shoes.

Lastly, it was really nice to have your own favourite since you will explore a new things and get to know a lot of knowledge. For the other bloggers that still did not have any favoutire yet, perhaps you can start to search for it starting from today. It is really interesting and I hope you will enjoyed when you found your own favourite. However, make sure that your favourite did not cause a burden to you! :)

My New Album

Hi! In this entry, I would like to share with all of you about my album. I will explain more details about the song that I choose to be placed in this album.

1. You & Me
This song is about 2 sisters that cannot be separated. They will share anything together and they are willing to sacrifice anything for their sister. The reason that I choose this song is because I like the relationships between the two girls that are really close and it can be an example to the other people.

2. Honest
This song would be a song which gives a moral value to the listener. It tells the importance of honesty in our life since honest is the main aspects that a person should have to ensure that we can live in a harmony and happy.

3. My Baby You
This is one of my favourite song in this album since we can easily feels the emotion if we read and listen to the song carefully. One of the lyrics in this song is my favourite part which is “My baby you are the reason I could fly, and because of you I don’t have to wonder why”. It can be dedicated to anyone that we loves such as our family, friends or others.

4. First Love
It would be suitable for the couples or teenage to hear this song. It tells that first love is hard to be forget and it will always in our mind. Apart from that, this song will help to refresh the sweet memories during their first love especially for those who get married with their first love.

5. This is Me
It tells about a girl who is shy to show her real life in front of her friends and public. This song tells more about the changes that the girls did to be an independent girl who did not ashamed with her real life and she finally made it! She is able to show to the public and her friends that she is lucky girl although she did not come from a rich family.

6. Hey girls!
As a girl, we should not show our weakness when dealing with love. This song will describe about all of the girls who need to be careful and they need to be more realistic when choosing their partner. This song would be suitable to all of the girls and teenagers.

7. Trust Me
In this album, I put a lot of moral values to the songs itself. Therefore, the song with the titile “Trust Me” is produce. It is about a trust which is hard to get once we broke the promise. The lyrics will tell about the hardness to gain trust from other people and to ensure that we did not broke the promise again.

8. Campus Attack
This song will tell about the campus life and it is specially design for the teenagers. It will describe about a group of friends who is having their hard time and enjoyed together at the campus. They would share problem and happiness together.

9. Ramadhan comes again
As a Muslim, we will have fasting month in a year which is called Ramadhan. Since I will launch my new album at Ramadhan, I put a song about Ramadhan in this album. It is really special since Ramadhan is different from the other month especially its specialty which is a night which is called Lailatulqadar.

10. Aidilfitri for all
Aidilfitri is just around the corner. Therefore I put a song about Aidilfiri in this album to help the Muslim and other people get their mood for the Eid. It tells more about the hopes of all of the peoples for the Eid without care about their wealth,races and looks.

Monday, August 17, 2009

10 Facts About Me

Hello there! Meet you again in this time entry. In this entry, I would like to share the 10 Facts about Me! Perhaps you can get to know me better through this entry.. Let me tell you all of the facts.


Perhaps some people do like football and they will become fanatic especially when football season is just around the corner. For me, it would be a boring since I do not like football. Till now, I still did not understand what they are trying to achieve by playing football. Furthermore, my level of knowledge about football is too little as I am not interested to it. However, I realized that it is a good exercise that most of the people can practice.


I love to eat butter. It has the taste that I really like and I did not know how to describe it. Since my sister likes to bake a cake, therefore she will make sure that she will buy the butter during my absence. It is because, I will take the butter if I know it was in the refrigerator and poor to my sister because she never knows that I was the reason why her cake is not properly bake. It is due to the lack of butter in her cakes :)


The other facts are I love my family very much! They are really great since they was there to help me and stand beside me no matter what happen. For me, my family is my first priority in this life. Therefore I can’t understand if there is a person who did not concern about their family who are being kind to them. For me, my family is complete with our own character that brings happiness to all of us.


The longest duration that I will stay at UiTM Segamat is only for 3 weeks. That was my record so far since before this I usually will be back to my house for every two weeks. It is about being spoilt, but it is about our mind. I need to relax after study for a certain weeks and the suitable place is my house. For the Ramadan, I had already bought the ticket for every weeks to make sure that I can celebrate the fasting month with them..


For those who know me before, they would know that this semester there is slightly different on my face. I have white spot o my face. A lot of people ask me what happen to me face including the lecturer. Some of them said that I was involved in an accident. Actually, it is a white spot and I am not involve with any accident. The doctor said that it will only recover in a long time, perhaps for three or four months...


For those who know me, there will knew that I dislike milk. I will throw up if I was forced to drink it. However, the special thing is I only cannot drink the pure milk. The other drinks such as milo ice would be my favourite although it contains milk. Perhaps it is about the colour of the milk which is white.


I love to laugh with my friends and family since it will help me to relax. When we laugh, it shows that we are in a good mood since that there is no one will laugh when they are angry. Furthermore, no one will afraid to talk with us and we can get a lot of friends.


I am a person who cannot manage my own financial. I need someone to guide me and tell me how much should I spend on certain things such as books, cloth and how much should I spend. Thank God, I have both of my sister which major in Accounting. Therefore, they will told me every month the budget or limit the amount that I should spend every month.


I will keep quiet if I get angry to someone. Therefore, I am easy to forgive someone since I will forget everything that she / he did after that. For me, there is no use if we are trying to find a lot of enemy since there are a lot of people that can be our friends. Furthermore, it is necessary for all of us to have this attitude to make sure that we can tolerate and having some respects to each other.


Perhaps for a certain people, they would look for the face for the first impressions. However, it seems slightly different with me since I love to see the people’s teeth for my first impressions. When knowing with other people, I will look for their teeth first. It seems to be a hobby to me before knowing with someone else.

Okay, enough for this entry and see you again in the next entry! Bye :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Classmates

Dear readers, do you still have a contact with your classmate till now? Perhaps you were busy with you own daily activities, but you should contact them since it can make all of you become closer. It will be much better if we can gather or make a reunion with all of our classmates. We can recall our sweet memories during the time that we study before. Okay, today I want to tell you a little bit about my classmate. At these moments, there are 28 people at my class which is D3D2. Let me introduce you with all of them.

1. Hafiz
He is active with the society at UiTM Johor. From my observation, he seems to be interested in calculation since he always get participate in the calculation class. Beside that, he is also a person who is easy to communicate with.

2. Dhamiri
He is a funny person which can attract other people to be friend with him with his own sense of humour. He likes to show his blur face whenever we ask a question him. His face can make other people laugh and it will become an assets to him.

3. Afiq
He seems to be a quiet person and a little bit of shy. He had been my classmate during I was part One. However, I don’t have the chance to talk with him. Therefore I can’t describe in details about him.

4. Zaki
A brilliant guy and he seems did not like to show off. He likes to share the knowledge that he get in the class with others. In addition, he likes to tease other people with his own ideas. In other words, he can be described as a talkative person in the class.

5. Kashfi
He always come with his creative idea and easy to communicate with him. Other than that, my other classmate told me that he was active in the football club in UiTM Johor.

6. Evra
A funny person, he can get able to socialize with other person easily. This is my first semester to be with him in the same class. He is also the commander of Fire Bridget. In other hand, he have his own sense of humour that can attract other people.

7. Frankie
He is a person who easily to get nervous when he was called in the class. Until now, I still wonder what is the reason that cause him to get nervous during the class. Perhaps he can try to join debate to cure his nervousness.

8. Shukri
He was new in my class, but he seems to be a nice and friendly person. Same like Evra, he is also one of the commanders of UiTM Johor. Until now, I still did not get the chance to talk with him. Therefore, I can’t describe him in details.

Enough with the guys, let me introduce you to the princess in my class!

1. Suatika
She is a nice girl with her soft voice. She seems to be friendly with the other classmate. She was closed with Leen. They are always together. Both of them are funny and an interesting classmate.

2. Leen
This girl has her own personality to attract other people with her attitude. She is a girl who are really outspoken in bringing out of her ideas. Her voice would be a bonus to her. Leen, I like your voice!

3. Anis
She is able to make other people felt comfortable with her attitude. She was a kind girl with a polite attitude. In addition, she loves to smile towards her classmates. That is her attraction.

4. Nadiah
In the first impressions, she seems to be a person who did not like to be socialize with other people. However, “don’t judge the books by its cover”. She was a talkative person when we get to know her closer. She likes to sing; perhaps she can join Nasyid after this…

5. Nisa
She is a Pan - Asian girl with her soft attitude and soft voice. We live in the same college, but we rarely talk with each other since she lives in different wings. She seems to be quiet and closed with Anis and Wani.

6. Wani
A brilliant person but she seems to be rather quiet in the class. She lives in a college that was called Zamrud. She always share his knowledge with the other classmates since she was able to understand the topic easily.

7. Siti
She is a person who is simple and easy to socialize with other person. The best thing about her is she is not a hypocrite person. She will just tell whenever she did not like the certain things.

8. Sina
A cute girl in my class, she was also my class representative for the other subjects for this semester. She has become my classmate since I was Part 1. She was able to make other people with her own sense of humour and her good attitude.

9. Sue
Its me..

10. Faina
She seems to be closed to Ila and rather quiet in the class. She was really concentrate in the class and able to catch up the topic easily. No wonder she get the Dean’s List during the past semesters.

11. Yana
A person who are really talkative and she was one of the friends that I always hang out with. She is living with the same college with me. As far as I am concern, there is not a single day that she did not laugh. I always said to her that I want to put a ribbon on her mouth.. :) However, she still stand beside me when I need her..

12. Ita
A nice girl with the interesting family background since she have a twins. It was really an interesting experience to get to know her since she was a talkative person. We can share our own opinion with her.

13. Dayah
She is a girl who is never afraid to ask a question in the class. She will keep on asking the same question till she get the answer. She was a person who are friendly toward others.

14. Liyana
This girl is a brilliant and beautiful girl with her own personality that can attract other people. Like others, she seems to be did not likes to show off. She is brave enough to share her opinion during the class.

15. Ila
She was a nice person and always concentrates in the class. She was closed to Faina. The first time that I met her is during the "Minggu Mesra Siswa" during Part 1. She seems to be a personality to be a teacher.

16. Shima
A friendly classmate and she were closed to Ifa. Shima was living in a college that was called Intan. We rarely to talk with each other since we sit separated from each other.

17. Mira
My other friend that I felt comfortable to hang out with is Mira. She likes to laugh and a funny person. I felt really happy when talk with each other. She was a person who is easy to laugh with her loud voice. May be she can apply for a commander position some other days.. Same like Yana, she is always there for me.. I love both of you !

Okay, that's all for this entry. Hope you will enjoy reading my entry. To all of my dearest classmates, I am happy to become one of your classmates. See you in the next entry !