Sunday, September 27, 2009

Childhood Memories of Ramadhan

Hi there! As a Muslim, we have our own fasting month that was called Ramadhan. To all of the Muslim, how about your Ramadhan this year? Did you fast today? J My entry for this week is related to Ramadhan since the title is about my childhood memories of Ramadhan. I believe that everyone has their own memories about Ramadhan during their childhood. It can be a sweet memories or bad memories and it depends on the person themselves. For me, Ramadhan would be a sweet memory to me when I was 6 years old since that was my first time I fast when Ramadhan comes.

I was studied at kindergarten at that moment and I still remember that my teacher will separate between the students who did fast and who do not fast. The teachers are really nice since they will make sure all of the students who fast did not have to do activities that can make us feels tired and sweat. Usually she will give a story about our Prophet which is Nabi Muhammad S.A.W and the other stories that give a lot of knowledge to all of us when Ramadhan comes. However, it was really hard for me and my friends who did fast to keep our fast when the time for lunch has come. It is because all of the students who did not fast will eat and they will eat in front of us although the teacher has give a warning to all of them for not doing like that.

My first day fasting was going tough since I need to avoid from seeing food and water because I easily get hungry when I see it. My mother will make sure that I get the enough rest and I did not get tired. I manage to keep my fast and I has complete my first day fast at the month of Ramadhan. In my family, if we did not fast at Ramadhan we will be separated from the other family members and we cannot eat with them. Therefore, I tried to fast to make sure that I can eat together with all of them. At night, it would be much interesting since I follow my family to go to the mosque to do a prayer that is called Tarawikh.

However, my second day of fasting was not going well since I made a mistake. It was rainy at that moment and my mother pick me up from the kindergarten by using motorcycle. I thought at that time the God feels sympathy to me because I am really tired and gives me the water to drinks. Therefore, I open up my mouth and I purposely drink although it was a rain water. I was a small girl and I do not know that it was wrong. When I reach at home, my mother told me and explain that it was wrong for us when we purposely drinks during Ramadhan.. For God sake, I would not do it again if I can recall the incident again.

Lastly, during Hari Raya it would be a happy moment with all of the relatives and family. I was really enjoyed since I get a lot of money from all of them that was called “duit raya”. I felt really enjoyed although I did not manage fasting through all of the Ramadhan but I manage to try to fast and it was my first experience of fasting on Ramadhan. It was really an interesting experience that I cannot forget till today. Enough for this time entry, we will meet again in the next entry which is more exciting since it is about the Eid!

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