Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Favourite

Hello! In this entry, I will talk about my favourite things that I really like. I believe that everyone has their own favourite and it can be things, person, animals or others. A different person will have their own favourite and it is different from others. Perhaps there are some of you that have the same favourite, but both of it have their own specialty and unique.

My favourite thing that I like is a souvenir and it look like shoes but it is small. I like it since it is really cute and it also nice to be seen by other people. It has been my hobby to collect it when I went for a holiday with my family. I can recalled all of my sweet memories when going holidays with my family when I saw the souvenir and that is one of the reason I decided to collect the small shoes. It has been almost 4 years since I start to collect it. Now, I have 14 of it at my house and I put it in a cupboard that can be seen by anybody when they come to my house.

I started to collect the souvenir when I went to a shop that sold a lot of souvenir. I was attracted to the souvenir that was sold and one of them is small shoes. There are a lot of small shoes at the shop and it has many variations in term of their colour, material and shape. Its material can be either from glass, fabric, rattan, plastic and many others. Moreover, the price is affordable for everyone. Until now, I have 7 of the small shoes which made from glass, 3 of it made from rattan, 2 of it made from plastic and the other 2 is made from fabric.

However, I did not bought all of the small shoes by myself. There are some of them that was given to me comes from my mother, sister and friends. Since all of my close person knows that I really likes it, they will buy it as a souvenir to me when they go for a holiday. They did not have to think what they should give to me as a souvenir since they know my hobby. Therefore, I really appreciated when they give the souvenir since they will support me to collect the small shoes. Moreover, it can help me to remember all of them when I see the souvenir since I put a name of the person who give me the souvenir at the bottom of the shoes.

Lastly, it was really nice to have your own favourite since you will explore a new things and get to know a lot of knowledge. For the other bloggers that still did not have any favoutire yet, perhaps you can start to search for it starting from today. It is really interesting and I hope you will enjoyed when you found your own favourite. However, make sure that your favourite did not cause a burden to you! :)

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