Sunday, September 27, 2009

My New Album

Hi! In this entry, I would like to share with all of you about my album. I will explain more details about the song that I choose to be placed in this album.

1. You & Me
This song is about 2 sisters that cannot be separated. They will share anything together and they are willing to sacrifice anything for their sister. The reason that I choose this song is because I like the relationships between the two girls that are really close and it can be an example to the other people.

2. Honest
This song would be a song which gives a moral value to the listener. It tells the importance of honesty in our life since honest is the main aspects that a person should have to ensure that we can live in a harmony and happy.

3. My Baby You
This is one of my favourite song in this album since we can easily feels the emotion if we read and listen to the song carefully. One of the lyrics in this song is my favourite part which is “My baby you are the reason I could fly, and because of you I don’t have to wonder why”. It can be dedicated to anyone that we loves such as our family, friends or others.

4. First Love
It would be suitable for the couples or teenage to hear this song. It tells that first love is hard to be forget and it will always in our mind. Apart from that, this song will help to refresh the sweet memories during their first love especially for those who get married with their first love.

5. This is Me
It tells about a girl who is shy to show her real life in front of her friends and public. This song tells more about the changes that the girls did to be an independent girl who did not ashamed with her real life and she finally made it! She is able to show to the public and her friends that she is lucky girl although she did not come from a rich family.

6. Hey girls!
As a girl, we should not show our weakness when dealing with love. This song will describe about all of the girls who need to be careful and they need to be more realistic when choosing their partner. This song would be suitable to all of the girls and teenagers.

7. Trust Me
In this album, I put a lot of moral values to the songs itself. Therefore, the song with the titile “Trust Me” is produce. It is about a trust which is hard to get once we broke the promise. The lyrics will tell about the hardness to gain trust from other people and to ensure that we did not broke the promise again.

8. Campus Attack
This song will tell about the campus life and it is specially design for the teenagers. It will describe about a group of friends who is having their hard time and enjoyed together at the campus. They would share problem and happiness together.

9. Ramadhan comes again
As a Muslim, we will have fasting month in a year which is called Ramadhan. Since I will launch my new album at Ramadhan, I put a song about Ramadhan in this album. It is really special since Ramadhan is different from the other month especially its specialty which is a night which is called Lailatulqadar.

10. Aidilfitri for all
Aidilfitri is just around the corner. Therefore I put a song about Aidilfiri in this album to help the Muslim and other people get their mood for the Eid. It tells more about the hopes of all of the peoples for the Eid without care about their wealth,races and looks.

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