Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Classmates

Dear readers, do you still have a contact with your classmate till now? Perhaps you were busy with you own daily activities, but you should contact them since it can make all of you become closer. It will be much better if we can gather or make a reunion with all of our classmates. We can recall our sweet memories during the time that we study before. Okay, today I want to tell you a little bit about my classmate. At these moments, there are 28 people at my class which is D3D2. Let me introduce you with all of them.

1. Hafiz
He is active with the society at UiTM Johor. From my observation, he seems to be interested in calculation since he always get participate in the calculation class. Beside that, he is also a person who is easy to communicate with.

2. Dhamiri
He is a funny person which can attract other people to be friend with him with his own sense of humour. He likes to show his blur face whenever we ask a question him. His face can make other people laugh and it will become an assets to him.

3. Afiq
He seems to be a quiet person and a little bit of shy. He had been my classmate during I was part One. However, I don’t have the chance to talk with him. Therefore I can’t describe in details about him.

4. Zaki
A brilliant guy and he seems did not like to show off. He likes to share the knowledge that he get in the class with others. In addition, he likes to tease other people with his own ideas. In other words, he can be described as a talkative person in the class.

5. Kashfi
He always come with his creative idea and easy to communicate with him. Other than that, my other classmate told me that he was active in the football club in UiTM Johor.

6. Evra
A funny person, he can get able to socialize with other person easily. This is my first semester to be with him in the same class. He is also the commander of Fire Bridget. In other hand, he have his own sense of humour that can attract other people.

7. Frankie
He is a person who easily to get nervous when he was called in the class. Until now, I still wonder what is the reason that cause him to get nervous during the class. Perhaps he can try to join debate to cure his nervousness.

8. Shukri
He was new in my class, but he seems to be a nice and friendly person. Same like Evra, he is also one of the commanders of UiTM Johor. Until now, I still did not get the chance to talk with him. Therefore, I can’t describe him in details.

Enough with the guys, let me introduce you to the princess in my class!

1. Suatika
She is a nice girl with her soft voice. She seems to be friendly with the other classmate. She was closed with Leen. They are always together. Both of them are funny and an interesting classmate.

2. Leen
This girl has her own personality to attract other people with her attitude. She is a girl who are really outspoken in bringing out of her ideas. Her voice would be a bonus to her. Leen, I like your voice!

3. Anis
She is able to make other people felt comfortable with her attitude. She was a kind girl with a polite attitude. In addition, she loves to smile towards her classmates. That is her attraction.

4. Nadiah
In the first impressions, she seems to be a person who did not like to be socialize with other people. However, “don’t judge the books by its cover”. She was a talkative person when we get to know her closer. She likes to sing; perhaps she can join Nasyid after this…

5. Nisa
She is a Pan - Asian girl with her soft attitude and soft voice. We live in the same college, but we rarely talk with each other since she lives in different wings. She seems to be quiet and closed with Anis and Wani.

6. Wani
A brilliant person but she seems to be rather quiet in the class. She lives in a college that was called Zamrud. She always share his knowledge with the other classmates since she was able to understand the topic easily.

7. Siti
She is a person who is simple and easy to socialize with other person. The best thing about her is she is not a hypocrite person. She will just tell whenever she did not like the certain things.

8. Sina
A cute girl in my class, she was also my class representative for the other subjects for this semester. She has become my classmate since I was Part 1. She was able to make other people with her own sense of humour and her good attitude.

9. Sue
Its me..

10. Faina
She seems to be closed to Ila and rather quiet in the class. She was really concentrate in the class and able to catch up the topic easily. No wonder she get the Dean’s List during the past semesters.

11. Yana
A person who are really talkative and she was one of the friends that I always hang out with. She is living with the same college with me. As far as I am concern, there is not a single day that she did not laugh. I always said to her that I want to put a ribbon on her mouth.. :) However, she still stand beside me when I need her..

12. Ita
A nice girl with the interesting family background since she have a twins. It was really an interesting experience to get to know her since she was a talkative person. We can share our own opinion with her.

13. Dayah
She is a girl who is never afraid to ask a question in the class. She will keep on asking the same question till she get the answer. She was a person who are friendly toward others.

14. Liyana
This girl is a brilliant and beautiful girl with her own personality that can attract other people. Like others, she seems to be did not likes to show off. She is brave enough to share her opinion during the class.

15. Ila
She was a nice person and always concentrates in the class. She was closed to Faina. The first time that I met her is during the "Minggu Mesra Siswa" during Part 1. She seems to be a personality to be a teacher.

16. Shima
A friendly classmate and she were closed to Ifa. Shima was living in a college that was called Intan. We rarely to talk with each other since we sit separated from each other.

17. Mira
My other friend that I felt comfortable to hang out with is Mira. She likes to laugh and a funny person. I felt really happy when talk with each other. She was a person who is easy to laugh with her loud voice. May be she can apply for a commander position some other days.. Same like Yana, she is always there for me.. I love both of you !

Okay, that's all for this entry. Hope you will enjoy reading my entry. To all of my dearest classmates, I am happy to become one of your classmates. See you in the next entry !


Leen said...

You are still remember
Miss DiDie's words (I love your voice)!
Thanks, Sue!

Anonymous said...

i dont want to be comander you know!